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"Clarice and the Meaning of Everything" (2022)

In 1966, Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector accidentally caused a massive fire that severely burned her apartment, much of her work and herself. She was in a coma for 3 days and what happened during that time is as great a mystery now as it was back then. For her Solo Show at the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio, Vitória Vasconcellos plays Clarice Lispector after the fire, trapped in the space between life and death, facing the God that left her.


Written, performed and directed by Vitória Vasconcellos

Faculty Advisor - Sean Spann Art of Acting Studio, Los Angeles, March 2022

"Almost Maine on Zoom!" (2021)

Scene from the online play Almost, Maine. Performed by Vitória Vasconcellos and Ryan Gatus.


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